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I have a few short, simple comments about my wonderful first cousin and friend who knew me from the time I was born. Karen was like a big sister to me. She always entertained me anytime our families got together on Ardmore or Barnett Lane in Milwaukee WI. When my family and I visited the Goldman family, Karen always kept me busy with crayons or playing with their dog, Blinket. Later on, she taught me how to dance the "box step" playing her record player to the latest Broadway musical. When I moved to California, she showed me around San Francisco and one time she even took me to the famous Condor to see Carol Doda.
Karen, I believe you and your dear sister Barbara are together up there looking down on us enjoying this celebration of life.
I dearly miss you. With love, your cousin Gary

There is a void in Marin since Karen left us. She not only kept on top of planning and transportation issues in Marin, but she made sure a whole host of us on her email list were kept apprised AND encouraged to weigh in at specific times and places. I have never known anyone else with such tenacity. It was incredible that she carried on throughout her illness. She will also be long remembered for her love of special events and her willingness to put them on. Her event planning skills were incomparable. I will miss Karen, but have learned from her, so she will always be part of me. Susan Stompe

We will miss Karen's vibrant spirit and welcoming smile. Her passion and love of her family and community will live on as an inspiration to us and to everyone who knew her.

I have such wonderful memories of my friend Karen and feel blessed to have spent time with her these last few years. Karen was a fighter and got the most out of life. She has certainly left her mark on all who have known her and made a meaningful contribution to our world.

Dear John, Erik and Ksusha, we are very saddened to hear that Karen passed away. With great warmth we remember holiday family lunches that we were able to share with Karen over the past several years. We will remember her as an energetic, joyful and courageous person. She is greatly missed. Olga Bogachek

Karen was a great defender of the commons - that is, those things which belong to all of us. They mattered to her so much that she was willing to put countless hours into monitoring and sheparding them. I knew her mainly through transportation and land use issues, mainly local. She was a champion for getting our collective decisions made justly and responsibly. I never knew her to be shy. Doug Wilson

Karen was such an inspiration to us all living her life fully and purposefully up until the end. An amazing woman!

Karen always amazed me. Her stamina and enjoyment of the world around her was inspiring. Although we did not meet until late in life, I felt that she was a kindred spirit. I will miss her. Sandee Ellis

Karen will be missed. She was a wonderful friend and was a great influence on me becoming a teacher. We loved her so much. Much sympathy to John and the family. You were such a supportive husband.

I first met Karen when she was on the Tiburon Planning Commission. She was a breath of fresh air: smart, en pointe with each issue and each issue's smallest details, understanding each in depth. A photographic memory for each project that came up, which she kept within the enormous datafile in her head. She inspired so many of us to get involved with her chief issues: open space and responsible development. Our entire community will feel her absence.

Dear Karen, You were the kindest and most wonderful person. I will miss you a lot and will try to live as an example of your kindness to all.

The lost of Karen in our daily lives will always be missed. We cherish the long conversations regarding private family moments and public events. The we miss the upbeat spirit. We now search the paper for public events in Marin and beyond. Plus, we are always aware there is need to be committed to those who are affected by the illness of cancer which in our mind Karen beat. We loved her very much and will miss her.

I will miss you Aunt Karen. Thank you for everything you did for our family throughout the years, in particular the great tours of SFO you took me on!

I got to know Karen fairly well over the past few years. I was also on her email list, which I thought of as a call to arms on environmental issues in Marin County. I was also the target in more than a few choice emails and in-person conversations where she felt I was falling down in my obligations to the citizens, or that I hadn't done my homework on things. While we didn't agree on certain things, I always respected her, and am saddened at her passing. She was tough as nails, but also a sweet person. My thoughts and prayers are with John and Erik in this difficult time.

Karen's smile lit up the room. On the other hand, when Karen approached hauling a clutch of documents in her arms with eyes "lazered" on you, you were in for a detailed explanation about inconsistencies in a report, facts in error, conclusions that didn't hold up and issues discovered from a close reading of voluminous reports many lacked the stamina to fathom. Karen cared about the quality and accuracy of public documents -- not for their own sake but because good policy stands on accurate information. Karen loved Marin, its people and creatures. She worked hard to make Marin live up to the highest standards. Karen, you are missed.

The precious high school years with Karen and John are forever etched in my memory. Even though I saw Karen rarely since our time at Nicolet, I shall miss her. It is comforting to know that her vibrant spirit will always be with us. My love to John and the family.

I have known Karen since I moved to Tiburon almost 30 years ago. She was my mentor in encouraging me to get involved in politics, locally and then with the Democratic Central Committee of Marin. She will always be one of my heroes.

A remarkable woman who brought energy, commitment and passion to everything she did.

I met Karen in 1988 when she was a Planning Commissioner for the Town of Tiburon and I was a young planner just hired by the Town. Karen immediately distinguished herself as friendly and caring deeply about the community. We remained friendly and tracked each other's family and they grew and matured and were a source of pride for both of us.

I think I met Karen before I met Erik, though maybe by only seconds, when I first walked into what would be our dorm room my our freshman year at MIT. Karen was always generous and kind, inviting me along to have dinner with the rest of Erik's family. You and the entire Nygren family are in our hearts and prayers. Karen was a special person, and she will be missed.

While we were introduced to John and Karen by common friends George and Sheila Bertram, Henri recalls meeting Karen in the mid 70's at the SF Galleria, Spectrum Showroom, when Karen was doing interior design. We have many memories of fun dinners, our Aspen ski trip and good times with so many common friends.

We will remember Karen's wonderful smile and calm demeanor, complimented by her deep passion for life and making things better. She was a true tour de force.

I will always remember Karen as a talented and extremely dedicated Director of the team that brought together in December 1998 a presentation on population by Dr. Paul Ehrlich. The event was sponsored by Environmental Forum of Marin, Marin Conservation League, Marin Sierra Club, and Marin Audubon and held in the Marin Civic Center small theater. The event involved a year's planning and was sold out. Kathy Cuneo

Karen trained me as a volunteer for my very first political campaign in Marin back in 2004. I think of her every time I get on a phone or knock on a door, now. What a kind and determined soul! She will be missed but she had a tremendous impact on her community.

A warm and wonderful contribution to the world. We spent our High School days together as friends and classmates. She always had a smile that embodied her personality. She will be missed bay all who knew her. I am glad that I was one of them.

Old St Hilary's Open Space is ever in her debt.

Karen loved life – traveling, dining, politics, activism, family... She remained interested and involved to the very end. In my relationship with her, the focus was on local environmental issues. She always knew the inside scoop, because she didn’t hesitate to ask around. She was fearless in making her views known, would call or approach anyone, did her homework and worked hard to make a positive difference, which she did.

Karen was fearless and could always be counted on to stand up for what was right. Elected officials feared her ability to clearly define complicated issues and to valiantly challange the status quo. Karen was a fierce protector of the natural environment in Marin County. She was my hero and I deeply miss her.

So many good memories of camping, overnights, school events, holidays, and life's joys all shared with the Nygren family. From Erik and I as kids, through the birth of our own kids (both families), Mrs. Nygren's joy and care was always present, welcomed, and appreciated.
Two very strong memories for me are doctor days and the homemade plum pie. Doctor days are perfect examples of Mrs. Nygren's organization and planning, while the plum pies are just pure love made with backyard fruit that contained everylasting joy.
The Shew family will forever miss Mrs. Nygren, and give thanks we were part of her journey.

I am about seven years old in this memory, wrapped-up-warm in a home so clearly made with love and filled with family friends. John, Karen, and a slew of other parents, including my own, are gathered in the Nygren’s kitchen. Erik, Sterling and etc are loitering in the way that males do in their late teens. It feels like fall, but that could be the trick of the early evening warmth filtering in through the curtained kitchen windows, or of the warmth of the memory.
Karen’s ability to give warmth and love, blessings ever present in the Nygren home, I still feel even now. She will be missed by all whom she touched.

We remember Karen as an outgoing, lovely, intelligent, caring person. She will be missed.

Karen was a magnificent champion of worthy causes, and her highly effective advocacy was respected and influential at all levels of decision-making in the public forum.
The courageous way Karen confronted the personal challenges of dealing with a life-threatening disease was deeply inspirational to her family, friends, and followers through her own example of the power of positivity. She will be forever missed, never forgotten.

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